Affordable Green Asphalt Solutions

The latest innovation from POET is here to give your old asphalt new life.

POET’s patented BPX process makes JIVE™ a more cost-effective, safer, and healthier asphalt rejuvenator, modifier, and shingle coating additive. And because JIVE is made from 100% homegrown American corn, it is greener than the competition by a mile.

Rejuvenator Highlights

While JIVE changes the PG grade of virgin bitumen it also rejuvenates RAP mixtures by restoring the aged bitumen's properties of the aged bitumen, allowing for more flexibility in mix designs.


Performance-Grade Modifier Highlights

JIVE reduces viscosity and increases the UTI of bitumen from an array of crude sources by improving low-temperature properties while limiting high-temperature rutting.


Shingles Highlights

Adding JIVE to asphalt prior to oxidation, also known as blowing, can improve the penetration while not reducing the softening point substantially.